Day one – tiredness reigns

This blog is intended for people (mostly our mums – hi mum!) to keep up to date with our adventures. There’ll be lots of pictures of food and general wanderings and wonderings as we travel around California. Updated as much as we can and whenever we have wifi –  feel free to share in our adventures. Love R and K x


Well we have arrived in one piece. It took as long to get here as it would to get to Australia or something ridiculous and to say we were delirious was an understatement!!

Business class flying was a…mayyyy…zing! and has ruined me (Katherine) for ever. Good luck with that Russ! A short immigration queue later *jokes* and a broken plane and we were on our way out of Houston on a new plane and flying through a thunderstorm. Then finally, 24 hours after leaving our house we were in San Diego. No first impressions as it was dark – our jeep is very lovely and our hotel is pretty with an awesome view – more pics later. Off out for the most important meal of the day-breakfast!