Breakfast burritos, the beach and bad driving…

We woke this morning early; eager to get out on to the incredible beach. The gorgeous beach Such a stunning place and directly on the doorstep of our hotel.image

We walked around the corner and hit upon the ‘best breakfast in pacific beach’ where we went crazy with the menu and were served the hugest portions you’ve ever seen (unless you’ve already been to Konos in PB) image  I ordered scrambled eggs which came with what seemed like  three million potatoes and had bacon and cheese mixed with green peppers and onions. Y.u.m. But it defeated me soon enough. Rusty had a breakfast burrito which put up a pretty good fight but he was victorious. You wouldn’t expect anything else from my husband  the king of breakfasts. image


After that it was back to the hotel for some sunbathing – insert obligatory leg shot hereimage

So so pretty!!

Sushi has been at the top of Rusty’s list for a while so it was off to Sushi Ota for lunch. Everyone drives everywhere here so it was back in the car and up the road. Russ taking the executive decision to break some random rules and encountering this young manimage

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Day one of the honeymoon driving experience and rusty got pulled over. It didn’t help that Katherine was giggling like a demented child but he was very kind and gave him a warning only or else it would have been a VERY expensive lunch.

Back to sushi…  Russ gave it a 7/10 ‘chu toro was really REALLY good’ (fatty tuna) Katherine really liked the snow crab Californian rolls and the sashimi (but is still questioning toro).



Some shopping and some more sunbathing later and a *touch* of sunburn (damn that blissful sea breeze)  and we are off out for cocktails at the Coronado and to watch the sun set. It’s a tough life 🙂

love K &R


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