Let’s go padres!!

After our adventures in surfing, it was time for lunch. Joe’s  Crab Shack beckoned where we made a mess and enjoyed every biteimage


Then after a well deserved nap and a trip into town it was time for the baseball game.image

Turns out baseball is amazing. Who knew???  Yes it’s basically rounders with an over arm ball but in rounders do you get to eat snacks and drink beer? Do you get to stand up and dance like a loon almost every 5 minutes? Are there fireworks for home runs? Even better do you get to stand and sing ‘take me out to the ball game’ in the 7th inning stretch** ?Well I, for one, am planning on introducing this tradition for rounders next year in PE. God it was great. The San Diego Padres had a particularly good game (apparently) and the atmosphere was brilliant. We are so pleased we went, met the loveliest and most helpful people who coped admirably with my (Katherine’s) excited chatter and questioning.image

Loved. It.

** full confession we both thought the 7th inning stretch was a reeeeeaaallly long inning but it turns out it’s a stretch for the audience. Again brilliance.image

After the ball game it was time for dinner. The gas lamp quarter is round the corner from the stadium (sponsored by a pet company by the way so where better for russ?) and it’s FULL of bars and places to eat. Really busy and with an electric atmosphere, it was brilliant to walk around. Mexican was our choice for dinner – no food shots as we were too busy eating to remember but it was excellent tacos on the menu.

Plus, finally, on the third day, Katherine got her beloved Margarita!image

And it was good.

Our adventures continue today in Santa Barbara but we are sorry to say goodbye to San Diego. A wonderful place that we have barely scratched the surface of. We will be back for sure.


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