California Coast

Up bright and early to say our goodbyes to PB San Diego. We stopped at La Jolla for an exceptional breakfast at The Cottage. Amazingly, when you wait in line you can help yourself to coffee and coffee cake. Not too shabby. Katherine went for California and La Jolla Eggs Benedict and I settled for Joes eggs and French toast. It was delicious.


We needed to fill our boots as we had over 200 miles of road to hit. 

We took the scenic route through the beach cities of SoCal. Alas we saw a lot of this.


And we listened to a lot of Sam Smith and Magic. They seem to be on every station’s  playlist.

Six hours after leaving La Jolla we made it to Camarillo premium outlets. We came to shop but almost a hour in, our travel fatigue set in. We powered through and made some purchases but we could have done a lot more.

Almost 12 hours since leaving Tower 23 we made it to Inn on The Beach Santa Barbara. What a  stunning view.


We were dog tired. But we were greeted by the lovely hotel owner Frank who congratulated us on our marriage. He had some words of wisdom for me,  “She will spend to the end, shop to you drop and buy till you die” and for Katherine he had red wine! 

After a bite of dinner across the road, we crashed. Looking forward to yet MORE food tomorrow with our ‘Savor Santa Barbara’ food and wine tour.

Love R&K x


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