Scenery, squirrels and seals

Up with the lark we said goodbye to Frank and to beautiful Santa Barbara and headed off on our drive to Carmel. We were really looking forward to this part of the drive as we knew we would have some pretty incredible views. We were not disappointed image  imageIts really stunning and much more so than I could capture on my trusty iphone camera. Let’s hope my photography skills on the real camera we have brought have done the scenery justice!

After driving through some crazy towns including the very sad and unloved Guadalupe which was a whole heap of churches and not a lot else. We stopped halfway (ish) in Cambria. It was brilliant to be literally in the middle of nowhere in a tiny town in California and we grabbed some yummy brunch there which filled us up for the drive further north.

Along the way we saw signs for an Elephant Seal cove so naturally we pulled over to have a look. They were HUGE! I thought they were rocks at first and it wasn’t until two started to fight that I realised they were actually living animals. image Walking back to the car, we encountered the cutest little chipmunks! They were begging for food and running up to people’s hands to grab their fingersimage I sat down and had a photo op with them and was feeling pretty good about myself until it was pointed out that they were in fact squirrels and were likely to have rabies. Clearly I’m never changing career to be a be a vet based on my excellent animal recognition skills today.

Back in the jeep we drove further upwards heading closer to the spectacular Big Sur scenery and stopping again to visit Julia pfiffer falls. So named to honour the lady who cared deeply about Big Sur (I think – to be fair I kept calling it Michelle pfiffer falls which was much more exciting) Anyway it’s really pretty and worth a visit. It’s one of the only places where the water fall ends up in the ocean. You can’t get down onto the beach but we took a few shots from the trail.image image Gorgeous non?

We arrived in Carmel early afternoon and were greeted with champagne (nice touch!) and shown to our room. Unfortunately it was like having a room on the sun given the heating was on. Long story shirt they tried to switch it off, broke it and gave us a MASSIVE room with a lounge as a swap. Also includes a nifty sea view. So I guess it will do for now 🙂 image

Love K & R


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