Cycling Carmel

Carmel is one the most picturesque beach towns you could hope to visit. Be it the Hans Christian Anderson style of the majority of houses or just the natural surroundings.

We decided that the best way to see this was by cycling. Off we went with our rentals and helmets on. Katherine under mild duress, as she was unhappy that it would mess with our hair.


We were soon free wheeling the sleepy coastline. The Dobkin peloton took the Scenic Road (that’s its name) and boy was it stunning. Amazingly we got to see dolphins playing with one another.image

Not being satisfied with these vistas, later that day we decided to take the “17 mile drive”. The drive, is through the Pebble Beach golf course and gated community. For the $10 toll you get to see stunning coastlines and how the 1% live.

Katherine has decided we will be moving here. Maybe it’s for the easy access to championship courses or this…


Food wise we went to a Greek Taverna called Demetra. Lovely food, exceptional shrimp but we were both left with the feeling that the guys and girls of Green Lanes do it better. A Charcoal Grill Carmel would clean up!!!

Lastly here is a picture of Russ pointing.


Place your guess in the comments section as to where / what had caught his eye


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