Holy city scape batman!

Arriving in San Fransisco from Carmel you can’t help but be assaulted by the difference in pace.   We are slowly adjusting. 

The drive was another gorgeous one – full of dramatic scenery: rugged cliffs and tumultuous sea (we would have some AWESOME pictures here but the free wifi we have stolen isn’t strong enough so you’ll have to imagine it instead )

Arriving in the city of free love and the STEEPEST roads I’ve seen there was only one thing for it… Lunch! (Of course) we went for a wander and settled on burgers which were great and then a nap – also great. We took a cable car later that evening to the bay hanging out the side a la Doris Day. The cars are gorgeous to behold and definitely an experience (albeit a *slightly* touristy one). Arriving at the sea we took a stroll taking in the moody atmosphere and I (Katherine) got particularly excited by the sea lions whereas rusty wasn’t bothered. It’s much cloudier here and breezy too – not so great for the sun tan but very much feels like home!

We took a cab to china town where we made our first food fail and ate at the WORST chinese restaurant ever – even worse than wan kei’s in soho and that’s saying something. Three plates of salt and MSG later and rusty made me walk back to the hotel. This took in some particularly steep roads and nearly gave me a heart attack but you’ll be relieved to know we made it back in one piece.

 Alcatraz today and perhaps more biking if russ gets his way. Shopping if I get mine. We will keep you posted.

love k and r x


2 thoughts on “Holy city scape batman!”

  1. Saw Noah had replied…was very confused until I realised he hadn’t actually replied!! Good pointing Rusty, seems it’s a family trait, Dan likes general pointing also!! Xx


  2. Reading your blogs has me understand IT a little more I actually thought, at first, that the comments were from people you had met along the way not your friends commenting.
    It was fantastic to hear from you tonight. Glad that you and Russ are having an amazing time-America sounds as though it has lots and lots to offer- All great at this end even the weather-


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