After breakfast today we went on a walk around Washington square and admired the buildings, the gorgeous church there and the serene young elderlies completing their tai chi moves with the kind of grace and fluidity we could only dream about.


We picked up our Alcatraz tickets from our tour shop and met the bear/fox/dog hybrid Olive with whom Katherine promptly fell in love. Russ too – well it was a dog, what else was going to happen.


On the ferry to Alcatraz we took in the foggy view and tried to imagine what it would have been like for the inmates as they made that journey. Windy for sure. And pretty solemn. It’s an imposing building and the nearness of the city whilst being so very far away from joining it must have been torture beyond compare.


We took the audio tour as we walked around the former prison and it was incredibly interesting and evocative. Somehow, through the voices of the previous tenants of the cells, you began to get a sense of what life was like and found yourself identifying with them. It was expertly done.

image image image
Back on less windy land it was time for a spot of lunch and a dinner recommendation from a local which is always worth listening to we have found! A swim back at the hotel and some time in the hot tub outside (it IS a tough life I promise 🙂 ) And we were back out again for some drinks and some wonderfully fresh fish. Aahi Tuna and Branzino. Delish.


Love K and R xx






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