Shopping in San Fran

Waking early enough for us we were out for breakfast and queuing at a tiny little shop around the corner. Some excellent eggs benedict and a side of millionaire’s bacon (don’t ask) later and we were out trying to shop it off. We did our best to max out Russ’ credit card and then – full of the joys of shopping- I decided it was finally time to make Russ the happiest man on earth.

That’s right, we went to the cinema.

Guardians of the Galaxy was on the agenda and, even I have to concede, it was BRILLIANT. We laughed, we cried (Rusty denies it) and I marvelled (see what I did there?) at the size of Chris Pratt’s pecs.
We drank coke the size of our heads and attempted to make inlays into popcorn but were pretty much defeated immediately. (American thing – putting butter flavouring on your popcorn?? Weird)


After the interlude we were back to shopping and then it was a rush back to the hotel, quick turn around and out for some entertainment and a San Fran institution – Beyond Beach Blanket Babylon. It’s the longest running musical review in history or something and we loved it! Really satirical and on point, it tells the story of Snow White wandering the globe to find her prince and meeting some familiar faces along the way. It was a great cultural experience and we feel very privileged to have gotten tickets at the last minute to see it.
Back to the hotel for a quick bite and then early to bed – wine country tomorrow and a very early start!



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