Sideways in Sonoma

Leaving San Francisco behind and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge image

we hit the trail to Sonoma. Sonoma being the furthest north outpost of the historical Californian Missions. In this spirit we decideded to take on our own mission, the Wine Trolley. 



The Wine Trolley took us to four different wineries, Imagery, Benzinger, Chateau St Jean and VJB. 


During the tour we learnt about varietals, bio dynamic farming and flight safety as we bonded with an airline safety officer from Texas. This was a particular highlight for Katherine.

In each winery we were able to taste their delicious product. All in all, we must have tasted over 25 different wines. The wine notes for each were extensive but from my perspective they all tasted like wine. Katherine has decided that the Californian Pinot Noir’s are for her and taste particularly jammy. 



It was a great day and we learnt (and drank) a lot. The sun shone and it was beautiful countryside to be in.

Leaving Sonoma behind and all of its lovely wine the next day we hit the road to Half Moon Bay. A small fishing town with a very loud fog horn (we are definitely trying to take in as much of California as possible) fish on the menu for us and some rest before we get ready for the next stage of the trip and head on down to New Orleans.

love R&K x


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