Hanging out in Half Moon Bay

Arriving in half moon bay we were struck by the quaintness of the fishing town and it’s bloody loud fog horn.
It’s amazing how that fades into the distance though once you’ve got the sun on your face and the sound of the sea lulling you to sleep of an afternoon.

We went for a wander on our first day having been given a tip by a local at one of the wineries in Sonoma – Barbs fish trap the destination and we weren’t there for steak! It was another put your name down and wait situation – a sure fire sign that you’re into a good thing; when the locals are fighting you for an hour wait for a table! It was delicious, and the beginning of a two day love affair with clam chowder. (According to rusty nobody does it better than barb)
A beautiful hotel room and a sunbathe later and we walked a mile or so up the beach to the Miramar. What a view! Sat in front of the mavericks (something about waves, all very Kelly slater) and watching the
pelicans dive bomb for their food, it was a gorgeous evening and with yet more fish on the menu.

Rising relatively early the next morning we decided to sample the hotel breakfast in our room and then make our way along the beach for a speciality coffee. After a mile or so walk and a good few beach snaps,we made it to our destination.


To find out it was closed. So we walked back. 2 miles, nearly 3 into town and we were ready for something stronger than coffee.

Half moon brewery and their awesome fish and crab rolls hit the spot


and left us ready for the stroll back to the hotel and the lazing in the sunshine we just HAD to do. **note – I did not eat the sandwich in this way believe me, even my mouth isn’t that big!

Another meal, another scenic view, this time at Sam’s chowder house (Katherine’s fave chowder) and some great swordfish (and ok lobster) We also had to sit at the children’s bar which Katherine found very amusing.


Early to bed for a big travel day tomorrow



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