Crazy New Orleans

Rising to the glorious sunshine we made our way to Washington Park for coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde.


Accompanied – as you’d expect from this city – by a jazz band playing in the street. They were brilliant.


We then met our crazy tour guide Tree for a 5 hour walking tour of NOLA learning about the fascinating history of the place and of voodoo in particular. We were entertained and enthralled as we learnt about some of the town’s colourful past and the history of slavery which was obviously entwined within the tales and stories and Tree was an excellent story teller. Weaving through the streets and learning about the houses and the lives of those who lived in them, drinking award winning cocktails

imageand wandering through voodoo museums, sharing melon and crackling and ending up in Louis 1 cemetery we had a great day. Our bones ached at the end but it was worth it.

Lunch was a po’boy and man it was good. French bread stuffed with goodness – beef for me and spicy shrimp for Russ. (I was also noted by the manager for my genius way of scoffing it without getting it everywhere and I like to think I might have changed Po’Boy history forever now)

After a nap (we needed it) we went for dinner at a tiny Italian and then out dancing in Bourbon street. First was to a traditional Jazz bar where we listened to some great tunes and admired some particularly fancy fingered piano playing.

imageAfter that our cultural experience went decidedly downhill – you basically buy your MASSIVE drinks anywhere you like in any bar you like and wander in and out of all the rest with your booze in hand.
I. Loved. It.

image image
Hand grenades (some sort of neon sweet tasting poison), Jell-O shots and dancing were on the menu. The bands in the different bars were all great so we joined in with some of our best moves, chatted with bouncers outside a Cabaret joint (code for strip club) and met New Orleans answer to my Aunty Pat who I promptly danced with as did Rusty.




I think I like it here 🙂

love K & R x


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