Southern Sprouts

After the craziness of the night before we woke up to another steaming hot morning in New Orleans.

With a pretty open itinerary for the day we mooched south on Canal towards the Mississippi in search of sustenance. We decided to go to Mothers, a local institution in these parts.

Katherine, now a big fan of Po Boys, went for the Debris. A sandwich full of beef that has fallen in to the meat juices whilst originally part of a roasting joint. This now ranks as her top Po Boy.


From there we mooched about some more and came across Bruno and Enzo, two Thai Ridgebacks. Very friendly fellows indeed.


Later that day we did another walking tour and it was superb. Our fabulous guide Elizabeth, talked as through some of New Orleans history through drinking. What an amazing concept. We had a Saint Charles Punch, a Sazarac, a Hurricane and finally a Praline liquor. This is a must do for anyone visiting here.


And speaking of must does. A trip north up Canal Street to the bar Chickie Wah Wah home of Blue Oak BBQ is essential. We acknowledge that NOLA is not known for BBQ, but these boys are the real deal. Everything was delicious, be it the ribs, the pulled pork or the beef brisket. Of course the wings were great and the mac n cheese but the real revelation was the BBQ sprouts. Who knew?

image image

Blue Oak BBQ we salute you and thank you for providing us with such a great finale to our time in the Big Easy!

love R&K X


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