Goodbye Houston, hello Heathrow.

Well, we have come to the end of our adventures – for now.

After leaving Nottoway at the crack of dawn we  drove for a LONG time to get to Houston. Stopping only for a patriotic croissant.

imageAlso we noted and became fascinated by the breakfast buffet

image image Mmmm fried chicken for breakfast. And what I *think* is gravy.

Arriving at our hotel we were treated to champagne in our room – a lovely way to celebrate the end of our honeymoon and a welcome change from our previous night’s experience.


we had time to kill so went and shopped again  – Texas is BIG and Houston no exception. Also v v rich. Our hotel was like a beehive with rooms everywhere


Dinner that night was a proper cowboy steak HUGEimage And an equally massive and delicious cobblerimage

It was a lovely way to end what has been an incredible trip. We are fatter for sure. And loved every. Single. Second. Even the crazy ones.

see you soon!!

love K&R


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