Adventures in LALAland AKA honeymoon the sequel

Well I arrived after a looooong flight (one of my least favourite things in the world) only made bearable by three Valium and a lovely Swedish lady who looked after me during my darker moments with turbulence.image

Rusty welcomed me with a home made ‘DOBKIN’ sign and immediately and excitedly shared the news that Christopher Nolan famous director had been on my flight. I missed you too darling.

Feeling pretty spaced out but good we headed back to the hotel and I reacquainted myself with american portions of food and a glass of napa valley’s finest.😊

The next morning we woke up to blazing sunshine and a stunning view.


Rusty drove us to the griddle for breakfast which was awesome.
Generously a colleague had sorted us with day passes for the Fox lot so we wandered around and checked out the bungalow where Marilyn would get ready and the various sound stages full of busy TV goings on. We went back for a swim and a sunbathe under the Nakatomi plaza from Die Hard. No Bruce to be seen but I’m sure the sight of us in our swimwear was enough for the office workers who were there.


That evening we did a little drive by Manns chinese theatre and the walk of fame – all very busy (oscars?) and exciting. Dinner was at a tacky mexican which was right up my street. Margarita one was good image

but when offered the next size up for an extra 4 dollars it seemed like a foolish decision not to. Big mistake. Big. Huge. (Spot the Beverly Hills movie reference!)


It was actually great – don’t worry mum I didn’t finish it. And we were entertained by a police raid on the recording studio next door complete with loads of cops surrounding the building with guns and helicopters. They found nowt. But I had my very first celebrity spot when the Candyman – Mr Tony Todd came in for a giant margarita and some nachos and sat next to us. celebrity Score: KT 1 Rusty1 *bonus points awarded for photos of and with said celebs*

Up early with the lark in the morning – cheers interflora by the way for the 4AM text to Russ’ phone. We set off for the bright lights of Vegas! Riches here we come!!!!


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