We set off bright and early to drive to vegas as it’s a long weekend here and so we knew it would be busy. After a lot of road and some desert views image

Vegas appeared on the horizon and the bright lights beckoned like a moth to a flame. Or like me towards slot machines.
It is a pretty impressive sight especially seeing it for the first time. The hotels are stupendously big and ours is the biggest in the world according to our bellhop. Not sure whether that’s right but it feels like it could be!


With the Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Rolex, Dior and Prada stores lining our entrance we knew we were somewhere where money talks. And with a quick change in our strip view suite we were ready to hit the slots. With my first gamble I won big. 6 figures. Granted those figures were
ones but a win is a win right?


We went for a wander and stayed for a while in margaritaville (obvs) and then headed back for a shower and a change before dinner and a show. And yes another gamble.
And this time I really won! $80 In total enough to pay for dinner 🙂 image

The blue man group was our destination in the Monte Carlo where Russell reminisced about an earlier visit with the boys and an encounter with a lady of the night in a gift shop. She was too expensive apparently.


The show was good – certainly different and we had GREAT seats in the 4th row; a bit too close when paint was flying in all directions but it was a fun experience. Particularly the bit where we both fell asleep. Rock and roll.

Despite big talk earlier in the day, we were clearly exhausted (I’m blaming jet lag. Russ has no excuse) and so headed back for some sleep in readiness for VDay in Vegas!



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