Leaving Las Vegas

Before heading in to get changed for our dinner date on the ‘Venetian canal’ we played some final games of blackjack and some more spinning of the wheel and Lady Luck was with us again. We won another $100


and had another lovely dinner courtesy of the casino 🙂


We also discovered the joy of ‘drinks2u’ Normally the waitresses in the casino are few and far between it seems – particularly when you aren’t high rolling but the drinks are free (except the tip) so imagine my joy when I realised our casino had a feature on most machines whereby you can press a button and order your drink while you play and hey presto! Free G&T in half the time 😊
After dinner I took full advantage of this feature and we played the penny slots happily and not at all thirstily until we retired for the evening.

Next morning Rusty was up early doors because Arsenal was playing so he went off to find the football while I packed up. After the win (hooray!) we went for a bite of breakfast at Bouchon bakery and then walked down to the Bellagio fountains in the sunshine.
It was very impressive. Touristy as hell but I LOVED it and it was gorgeous in the sun.



Back on the road again on our way down to Santa Monica we stopped in for a shop – as you do – and picked up some bargains. Then we headed for the beach and our hotel. Well that was the plan. Until we hit this …


LA traffic at its finest. Eeesh. Fortunately we found an excellent radio station so instead of Taylor Swift and Ellie Golding on repeat I was able to entertain Rusty by rapping U Can’t Touch This – flawlessly I might add – and providing general knowledge facts about MC Hammer from my early obsession with him circa 1988.

it actually didn’t take as long as we feared and so we have arrived back in LA safe and sound in a slightly kooky hotel and ready to explore Santa Monica

K & R x



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