Sunny Santa Monica

After arriving in our hotel last night we went for a wander along 3rd street and found a nice italian to eat in with some excellent wine. The promenade was full of shops, street performers and people. Twinkling lights in the trees added to its pretty appearance and we sauntered around checking out the scene before heading back for some rest.

This morning Rusty had it sorted. Best breakfast in SM was apparently at Cora’s so we duly set off only to find that every man and his wife had read the same reviews and there was a lengthy queue. After a looooooooong wait we were finally seated but after nearly two hours our hungry faces were pretty sad ones

image Where

was our breakfast?!


Here it is!!


Look how happy he is! It was delicious.

Feeling full and happy we set off for a walk

along the beach in the sunshine image

We wandered on to Venice which seems to have  a very sunny Camden vibe and is full of artists, performers and the odd shady character 🙂

image After some sunbathing and frozen yoghurt we wandered back to check out the pier


And then ended our day with a glass of

wine in the sunshine.

bliss! ☺️


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