Lovely lobster and Disney on a hangover!

Last night we headed to a restaurant on Santa Monica pier called Lobster. They gave us a great table with a view


and had impeccable service with food to match. We had great clam chowder which we had been hanging out for since honeymoon part one back in August and we weren’t disappointed. I was then served a GIANT steak with a mountain of truffle fries and rusty stuck with seafood: crab cake and prawns.

imageLook at my giant prawn!

After dinner we headed back to a bar next to our hotel and had a very happy happy hour indeed! We stumbled back and I mean that literally with two drinks Dobbers on fine form but it was me feeling rough in the morning when we woke.
In my defence I have come down with the teachers half term lurgy but the red wine headache didn’t help the cold this morning for sure. Still after a hot shower I was ready to go and we grabbed coffee and breakfast at an extremely trendy coffee shop down the street. Rusty had an Elvis brioche complete with peanut butter, banana and bacon!


We had been lucky enough to get passes to Disney Land thanks to Russ’ ex-colleagues and so we headed off for the land of make believe for the morning.


After rekindling Rusty’s fear of heights we calmed things down with Star Wars and Indiana Jones (can you guess who chose the rides?) and then headed back to Venice for lunch and more lobster at a sister restaurant to one we tried in Santa Barbara. We LOVED it there and it was one of our stops on the food tour we did; we were disappointed not to be able to go back for a proper meal so we were chuffed that we had a second chance in SM.
It was as good – if not better – than we’d remembered and with tummies pleasingly full we headed home.


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