Sunshine, stalking stars and meeting old friends

We decided to round off our day on Tuesday with a trip to the cinema to watch Jupiter Ascending. After the horror and hilarity that is the film we stopped in for wings and beer to cheer ourselves up. Delicious.

Next morning we headed off  with a quick bite of breakfast and the strangest hot chocolate preparation i’ve ever seen.


He is flame grilling a massive marshmallow!

Plans for the morning were to indulge my stalking tendencies on a Hollywood Stars’ Homes tour. It was actually a good way to see some of the city and with an open top bus and stunning weather, a good chance to catch some rays. We drove down streets where the trick or treating would be great! Adam Sandler living across from Goldie Horn and Kurt Russell. Steven Spielberg is practically their neighbour too. On some streets you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a celeb home. We saw mansions belonging to Rhianna, P Diddy and the most expensive house in LA belong in to Petra Ecclestone currently on the market for $150 mill. And of course, the playboy mansion. I didn’t take any home snaps as that felt a bit weird even for me so content yourself

with this instead.


After that our day pretty much consisted of this


We sat on the beach and soaked up some sunshine them headed home ready for dinner plans.

That evening we met up with Dan an old friend of mine I met travelling who lives over here now with his lovely wife Delara. We had a gorgeous dinner at a hotel restaurant around the corner from us and such fun catching up over cocktails in their very trendy bar next door. I am pretty bummed I didn’t take any snaps at all but we were having such a lovely time I forgot. Next time we are back maybe 😊

With slightly sore heads this morning we went on a mission for a bath mat which involved a 3 mile walk but we rewarded ourselves with sushi for lunch


We had debated going to Rusty’s favourite place Hiko Sushi but the chef is known for being a bit of a sushi militant and with me not being the *biggest* of sushi fans I needed something  bit gentler.

Sugar Fish delivered and was delicious!


I really enjoyed it and having the ‘trust me’ menu meant I tried things i wouldn’t normally choose.

Go sushi!



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