Singing, shopping and the Statue of Liberty!

imageAfter mooching round Times Square we spent last night in a gorgeous bar sipping excellent wine from California (obvs) and enjoying the ‘scene’. Back at the hotel we were soon soundly asleep only to be woken through the night by the sound of the ancient AC kicking into gear. It’s HOT here!!!

Up with the lark this morning we got the engineers in to repair our machine and set of for breakfast. There was only one place we were going to head to – Ellen’s stardust diner. Home of the singing waitstaff, super tacky and cheesy as hell, but sing they did. Maddy was amazed by their vocal prowess and even joined in when they hit the high notes.


Breakfast was huge and delicious – which was important as we had planned our day and would need the sustenance for what we had in mind.
First stop was the 9/11 memorial. Incredibly poignant and quite beautiful in a somber sort of way. We visited the small church opposite the site of the WTC and admired the new buildings which stand in place of those which were destroyed.

Then shopping.
And shop we did. For HOURS. Shoes, handbags, clothes. You name it, we bought it.
With heavy bags and lighter bank balances we then headed down through the financial district and past the stock exchange.


Through battery park to the Statten Island ferry to catch a glimpse of the Green Lady herself. It was a gorgeous day to cross the water and we took millions of snaps and soaked in the view.
And what a view.


Dinner with family tonight and adventures on the high line! We can’t wait
Love K M & B x


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