Empire State of Mind


Guest author Maddy here!

Last nights dinner with Viv was lovely. Although we intended to perhaps stay out a bit later, we were exhausted and when dinner had finished we walked back to our hotel and hit the hay.

So today was designated my day. Yay!

We started off the day by taking a stroll down to 9th avenue. Where, we were reliably informed, there was a block of restaurants door to door.

We had Mexican breakfast at the country grill consisting of breakfast burritos and eggs “made our way.”


After eating all our food in a record time of 10 mins we headed out in search of an open bus tour.

Katherine haggled with a ticket man in order to get a tour worth 49 for 35.


We started our tour at Times Square on a downtown loop. We were entertained the whole way by an awesome guide who regaled us with tales from every major tourist spot. Fun fact Ida straus and her husband (Macy’s owner) died on the titanic. Remember the old woman who wouldn’t leave her husband? Yep that was Ida.

We then got off in little Italy in search of some much needed refreshment. The pizza that arrived was pretty darn good. As you can see most definitely bigger than my face.


The cold wine also helped to cool us in the blistering heat. It’s a tough life.


Back on the tour bus and this time destination Empire State Building. I think we arrived at the perfect time, just as the sun was setting.


After some picture times and a trip to the 102nd floor for me we headed back to 9th avenue for some Thai.

‘Yum yum too’ did not disappoint I’ve been told as I am currently suffering a bad cold and couldn’t taste much! we ate to our hearts content and rested weary heads after a long day of sightseeing

Tomorrow we are planning on taking in the sights of the Brooklyn bridge and having a picnic in Central Park.

Lots of love and sunny kisses

B m and k xx


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