Bernadette takes the wheel!

Ok now for the famous important guest- writer’s blog!

This NY experience has been a mixture of emotions for myself

Starting with me keeping a secret, I can’t count the times I nearly blurted it out.Madeleine’s joy and facial expressions when she found out that Barcelona was in fact New York! Is one I will remember for ever

I have known Madeleine all her life but am still unsure – how does she eat so much??
We have eaten, drunk, walked, shopped, walked, shopped and seen every famous sight that NY can throw at us.

Katherine has been like Scott of the Antartic and has been our very own tour guide. She has sorted booking in at the airport, navigating around the city and planned and executed the whole experience

Now at the airport I am not sure that the hot dog last night was a good idea- no I didn’t indulge

So for the highlights it’s hard to choose I loved the bus tour our first guide amazing ( our second Chinese I couldn’t understand a word but these New Yorkers have a dialect of their own)
The food has been great. The shopping wonderful!
My feet have been worn away with the walking
Best of all has been this time I have shared with my two beautiful daughters!



Bernadette x


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