Skyline under the stars

So our last day in NYC. *sob*
We were up early enough again and decided we would walk the Brooklyn bridge as it was a gorgeous day and perfect for it.
We had planned to stroll across the bridge and then grab brunch but we underestimated the power of madeleines stomach. When that girl is hungry she needs to eat STAT!
Getting hangrier and hangrier she became a force to be reckoned with and the moment she spotted a sign for a diner she practically dragged us toward it. Once around the corner though we realised it was essentially in an estate and the average age was 105.


She was daunted. The clientele was sketchy. But maddy never lets anything get in the way of her empty stomach so she toughed it out. And it was gooooood!!!
See how happy she is now??


With stomachs nicely full, we strolled across the bridge in the sunshine. It was a gorgeous walk and such a lovely thing to do.


Once across the bridge we hung out in Brooklyn for a while (or should that be wine??) and then boarded the metro back up to 5th avenue for more shopping.

We headed back to the hotel after a few hours of shopping and got ready for the evening. Once ready, we caught a cab down to the high line and then took an evening stroll down from Chelsea to the Meatpacking district. It was a lovely thing to do and we spent ages looking into windows and imagining ourselves living there as New Yorkers.

Dinner was a stroll away and we had delicious food and wine then returned back for a VERY early wake up call and flight home.
So it’s the end of NYC adventures for now. What a trip. What memories. What fun

Until the next time!! Xx



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