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Skyline under the stars

So our last day in NYC. *sob*
We were up early enough again and decided we would walk the Brooklyn bridge as it was a gorgeous day and perfect for it.
We had planned to stroll across the bridge and then grab brunch but we underestimated the power of madeleines stomach. When that girl is hungry she needs to eat STAT!
Getting hangrier and hangrier she became a force to be reckoned with and the moment she spotted a sign for a diner she practically dragged us toward it. Once around the corner though we realised it was essentially in an estate and the average age was 105.


She was daunted. The clientele was sketchy. But maddy never lets anything get in the way of her empty stomach so she toughed it out. And it was gooooood!!!
See how happy she is now??


With stomachs nicely full, we strolled across the bridge in the sunshine. It was a gorgeous walk and such a lovely thing to do.


Once across the bridge we hung out in Brooklyn for a while (or should that be wine??) and then boarded the metro back up to 5th avenue for more shopping.

We headed back to the hotel after a few hours of shopping and got ready for the evening. Once ready, we caught a cab down to the high line and then took an evening stroll down from Chelsea to the Meatpacking district. It was a lovely thing to do and we spent ages looking into windows and imagining ourselves living there as New Yorkers.

Dinner was a stroll away and we had delicious food and wine then returned back for a VERY early wake up call and flight home.
So it’s the end of NYC adventures for now. What a trip. What memories. What fun

Until the next time!! Xx



Bernadette takes the wheel!

Ok now for the famous important guest- writer’s blog!

This NY experience has been a mixture of emotions for myself

Starting with me keeping a secret, I can’t count the times I nearly blurted it out.Madeleine’s joy and facial expressions when she found out that Barcelona was in fact New York! Is one I will remember for ever

I have known Madeleine all her life but am still unsure – how does she eat so much??
We have eaten, drunk, walked, shopped, walked, shopped and seen every famous sight that NY can throw at us.

Katherine has been like Scott of the Antartic and has been our very own tour guide. She has sorted booking in at the airport, navigating around the city and planned and executed the whole experience

Now at the airport I am not sure that the hot dog last night was a good idea- no I didn’t indulge

So for the highlights it’s hard to choose I loved the bus tour our first guide amazing ( our second Chinese I couldn’t understand a word but these New Yorkers have a dialect of their own)
The food has been great. The shopping wonderful!
My feet have been worn away with the walking
Best of all has been this time I have shared with my two beautiful daughters!



Bernadette x

Empire State of Mind


Guest author Maddy here!

Last nights dinner with Viv was lovely. Although we intended to perhaps stay out a bit later, we were exhausted and when dinner had finished we walked back to our hotel and hit the hay.

So today was designated my day. Yay!

We started off the day by taking a stroll down to 9th avenue. Where, we were reliably informed, there was a block of restaurants door to door.

We had Mexican breakfast at the country grill consisting of breakfast burritos and eggs “made our way.”


After eating all our food in a record time of 10 mins we headed out in search of an open bus tour.

Katherine haggled with a ticket man in order to get a tour worth 49 for 35.


We started our tour at Times Square on a downtown loop. We were entertained the whole way by an awesome guide who regaled us with tales from every major tourist spot. Fun fact Ida straus and her husband (Macy’s owner) died on the titanic. Remember the old woman who wouldn’t leave her husband? Yep that was Ida.

We then got off in little Italy in search of some much needed refreshment. The pizza that arrived was pretty darn good. As you can see most definitely bigger than my face.


The cold wine also helped to cool us in the blistering heat. It’s a tough life.


Back on the tour bus and this time destination Empire State Building. I think we arrived at the perfect time, just as the sun was setting.


After some picture times and a trip to the 102nd floor for me we headed back to 9th avenue for some Thai.

‘Yum yum too’ did not disappoint I’ve been told as I am currently suffering a bad cold and couldn’t taste much! we ate to our hearts content and rested weary heads after a long day of sightseeing

Tomorrow we are planning on taking in the sights of the Brooklyn bridge and having a picnic in Central Park.

Lots of love and sunny kisses

B m and k xx

Singing, shopping and the Statue of Liberty!

imageAfter mooching round Times Square we spent last night in a gorgeous bar sipping excellent wine from California (obvs) and enjoying the ‘scene’. Back at the hotel we were soon soundly asleep only to be woken through the night by the sound of the ancient AC kicking into gear. It’s HOT here!!!

Up with the lark this morning we got the engineers in to repair our machine and set of for breakfast. There was only one place we were going to head to – Ellen’s stardust diner. Home of the singing waitstaff, super tacky and cheesy as hell, but sing they did. Maddy was amazed by their vocal prowess and even joined in when they hit the high notes.


Breakfast was huge and delicious – which was important as we had planned our day and would need the sustenance for what we had in mind.
First stop was the 9/11 memorial. Incredibly poignant and quite beautiful in a somber sort of way. We visited the small church opposite the site of the WTC and admired the new buildings which stand in place of those which were destroyed.

Then shopping.
And shop we did. For HOURS. Shoes, handbags, clothes. You name it, we bought it.
With heavy bags and lighter bank balances we then headed down through the financial district and past the stock exchange.


Through battery park to the Statten Island ferry to catch a glimpse of the Green Lady herself. It was a gorgeous day to cross the water and we took millions of snaps and soaked in the view.
And what a view.


Dinner with family tonight and adventures on the high line! We can’t wait
Love K M & B x

NYC adventures featuring special guests!

The blog is back. But this time rusty has bowed out to stay at home and play with the Captain whilst maddy (my sister) Bernadette (mother dearest) and I hit NYC for half term.

So it was a surprise for mads -for no particular reason – which made it all the more surprising when we announced it at the airport this morning. We were not in fact journeying to Barcelona but to the Big apple.

Her face was priceless image


So after freaking out (a little) and getting excited (a lot) we were on board the plane. We all know how much I love flying, but armed with my trusty Valium and some g&ts it was painless.

We had arrived


Adventures R us and we can not WAIT!! (Even though Bern looks a little befuddled in the picture – believe me when I say it might be the best we get all week.)


Our last day *sob*

For our last evening out we strolled towards Venice again and had a brilliant Italian meal at Vecchia Cucina


It was busy and noisy and perfect


Yummy lamb ragu…😋

After dinner we experimented with uber and were driven home by a jobbing actor from London who dropped us off at the bar next door where we sadly made plans for our final few hours here today.

So that’s all folks. We are back on the plane this afternoon and shall be making friends with Jet lag for the rest of the weekend I’m sure.

Here’s to the next trip! 🍸

Sunshine, stalking stars and meeting old friends

We decided to round off our day on Tuesday with a trip to the cinema to watch Jupiter Ascending. After the horror and hilarity that is the film we stopped in for wings and beer to cheer ourselves up. Delicious.

Next morning we headed off  with a quick bite of breakfast and the strangest hot chocolate preparation i’ve ever seen.


He is flame grilling a massive marshmallow!

Plans for the morning were to indulge my stalking tendencies on a Hollywood Stars’ Homes tour. It was actually a good way to see some of the city and with an open top bus and stunning weather, a good chance to catch some rays. We drove down streets where the trick or treating would be great! Adam Sandler living across from Goldie Horn and Kurt Russell. Steven Spielberg is practically their neighbour too. On some streets you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a celeb home. We saw mansions belonging to Rhianna, P Diddy and the most expensive house in LA belong in to Petra Ecclestone currently on the market for $150 mill. And of course, the playboy mansion. I didn’t take any home snaps as that felt a bit weird even for me so content yourself

with this instead.


After that our day pretty much consisted of this


We sat on the beach and soaked up some sunshine them headed home ready for dinner plans.

That evening we met up with Dan an old friend of mine I met travelling who lives over here now with his lovely wife Delara. We had a gorgeous dinner at a hotel restaurant around the corner from us and such fun catching up over cocktails in their very trendy bar next door. I am pretty bummed I didn’t take any snaps at all but we were having such a lovely time I forgot. Next time we are back maybe 😊

With slightly sore heads this morning we went on a mission for a bath mat which involved a 3 mile walk but we rewarded ourselves with sushi for lunch


We had debated going to Rusty’s favourite place Hiko Sushi but the chef is known for being a bit of a sushi militant and with me not being the *biggest* of sushi fans I needed something  bit gentler.

Sugar Fish delivered and was delicious!


I really enjoyed it and having the ‘trust me’ menu meant I tried things i wouldn’t normally choose.

Go sushi!