Lovely lobster and Disney on a hangover!

Last night we headed to a restaurant on Santa Monica pier called Lobster. They gave us a great table with a view


and had impeccable service with food to match. We had great clam chowder which we had been hanging out for since honeymoon part one back in August and we weren’t disappointed. I was then served a GIANT steak with a mountain of truffle fries and rusty stuck with seafood: crab cake and prawns.

imageLook at my giant prawn!

After dinner we headed back to a bar next to our hotel and had a very happy happy hour indeed! We stumbled back and I mean that literally with two drinks Dobbers on fine form but it was me feeling rough in the morning when we woke.
In my defence I have come down with the teachers half term lurgy but the red wine headache didn’t help the cold this morning for sure. Still after a hot shower I was ready to go and we grabbed coffee and breakfast at an extremely trendy coffee shop down the street. Rusty had an Elvis brioche complete with peanut butter, banana and bacon!


We had been lucky enough to get passes to Disney Land thanks to Russ’ ex-colleagues and so we headed off for the land of make believe for the morning.


After rekindling Rusty’s fear of heights we calmed things down with Star Wars and Indiana Jones (can you guess who chose the rides?) and then headed back to Venice for lunch and more lobster at a sister restaurant to one we tried in Santa Barbara. We LOVED it there and it was one of our stops on the food tour we did; we were disappointed not to be able to go back for a proper meal so we were chuffed that we had a second chance in SM.
It was as good – if not better – than we’d remembered and with tummies pleasingly full we headed home.


Sunny Santa Monica

After arriving in our hotel last night we went for a wander along 3rd street and found a nice italian to eat in with some excellent wine. The promenade was full of shops, street performers and people. Twinkling lights in the trees added to its pretty appearance and we sauntered around checking out the scene before heading back for some rest.

This morning Rusty had it sorted. Best breakfast in SM was apparently at Cora’s so we duly set off only to find that every man and his wife had read the same reviews and there was a lengthy queue. After a looooooooong wait we were finally seated but after nearly two hours our hungry faces were pretty sad ones

image Where

was our breakfast?!


Here it is!!


Look how happy he is! It was delicious.

Feeling full and happy we set off for a walk

along the beach in the sunshine image

We wandered on to Venice which seems to have  a very sunny Camden vibe and is full of artists, performers and the odd shady character 🙂

image After some sunbathing and frozen yoghurt we wandered back to check out the pier


And then ended our day with a glass of

wine in the sunshine.

bliss! ☺️

Leaving Las Vegas

Before heading in to get changed for our dinner date on the ‘Venetian canal’ we played some final games of blackjack and some more spinning of the wheel and Lady Luck was with us again. We won another $100


and had another lovely dinner courtesy of the casino 🙂


We also discovered the joy of ‘drinks2u’ Normally the waitresses in the casino are few and far between it seems – particularly when you aren’t high rolling but the drinks are free (except the tip) so imagine my joy when I realised our casino had a feature on most machines whereby you can press a button and order your drink while you play and hey presto! Free G&T in half the time 😊
After dinner I took full advantage of this feature and we played the penny slots happily and not at all thirstily until we retired for the evening.

Next morning Rusty was up early doors because Arsenal was playing so he went off to find the football while I packed up. After the win (hooray!) we went for a bite of breakfast at Bouchon bakery and then walked down to the Bellagio fountains in the sunshine.
It was very impressive. Touristy as hell but I LOVED it and it was gorgeous in the sun.



Back on the road again on our way down to Santa Monica we stopped in for a shop – as you do – and picked up some bargains. Then we headed for the beach and our hotel. Well that was the plan. Until we hit this …


LA traffic at its finest. Eeesh. Fortunately we found an excellent radio station so instead of Taylor Swift and Ellie Golding on repeat I was able to entertain Rusty by rapping U Can’t Touch This – flawlessly I might add – and providing general knowledge facts about MC Hammer from my early obsession with him circa 1988.

it actually didn’t take as long as we feared and so we have arrived back in LA safe and sound in a slightly kooky hotel and ready to explore Santa Monica

K & R x


VDay in Vegas

It is valentines day here in vegas and with the wedding chapels full of lovebirds where else could we celebrate but in the Wynn hotel with their infamous buffet for breakfast. Champagne and prime rib for breakfast? Sure! Sushi, fried chicken and Ice-cream? You can have that too. We had our fill – nothing too crazy on our plates, we are English after all, and set off for the mon museum. Or to give it it’s proper title The Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement.



It was really interesting to a wannabe mob wife like myself and we had a good wander around before setting off to our second destination – Kiss mini golf.


Under a black light and with crazy nights playing in the background we proceeded to have 18 holes of rock and roll fun with Russell beating me as usual though not by too much.


After that it was off down the strip again for a final wander in the sunshine. Dinner tonight is by the canal in our hotel. Yes you read right, I said canal. How romantic!!



We set off bright and early to drive to vegas as it’s a long weekend here and so we knew it would be busy. After a lot of road and some desert views image

Vegas appeared on the horizon and the bright lights beckoned like a moth to a flame. Or like me towards slot machines.
It is a pretty impressive sight especially seeing it for the first time. The hotels are stupendously big and ours is the biggest in the world according to our bellhop. Not sure whether that’s right but it feels like it could be!


With the Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Rolex, Dior and Prada stores lining our entrance we knew we were somewhere where money talks. And with a quick change in our strip view suite we were ready to hit the slots. With my first gamble I won big. 6 figures. Granted those figures were
ones but a win is a win right?


We went for a wander and stayed for a while in margaritaville (obvs) and then headed back for a shower and a change before dinner and a show. And yes another gamble.
And this time I really won! $80 In total enough to pay for dinner 🙂 image

The blue man group was our destination in the Monte Carlo where Russell reminisced about an earlier visit with the boys and an encounter with a lady of the night in a gift shop. She was too expensive apparently.


The show was good – certainly different and we had GREAT seats in the 4th row; a bit too close when paint was flying in all directions but it was a fun experience. Particularly the bit where we both fell asleep. Rock and roll.

Despite big talk earlier in the day, we were clearly exhausted (I’m blaming jet lag. Russ has no excuse) and so headed back for some sleep in readiness for VDay in Vegas!


Adventures in LALAland AKA honeymoon the sequel

Well I arrived after a looooong flight (one of my least favourite things in the world) only made bearable by three Valium and a lovely Swedish lady who looked after me during my darker moments with turbulence.image

Rusty welcomed me with a home made ‘DOBKIN’ sign and immediately and excitedly shared the news that Christopher Nolan famous director had been on my flight. I missed you too darling.

Feeling pretty spaced out but good we headed back to the hotel and I reacquainted myself with american portions of food and a glass of napa valley’s finest.😊

The next morning we woke up to blazing sunshine and a stunning view.


Rusty drove us to the griddle for breakfast which was awesome.
Generously a colleague had sorted us with day passes for the Fox lot so we wandered around and checked out the bungalow where Marilyn would get ready and the various sound stages full of busy TV goings on. We went back for a swim and a sunbathe under the Nakatomi plaza from Die Hard. No Bruce to be seen but I’m sure the sight of us in our swimwear was enough for the office workers who were there.


That evening we did a little drive by Manns chinese theatre and the walk of fame – all very busy (oscars?) and exciting. Dinner was at a tacky mexican which was right up my street. Margarita one was good image

but when offered the next size up for an extra 4 dollars it seemed like a foolish decision not to. Big mistake. Big. Huge. (Spot the Beverly Hills movie reference!)


It was actually great – don’t worry mum I didn’t finish it. And we were entertained by a police raid on the recording studio next door complete with loads of cops surrounding the building with guns and helicopters. They found nowt. But I had my very first celebrity spot when the Candyman – Mr Tony Todd came in for a giant margarita and some nachos and sat next to us. celebrity Score: KT 1 Rusty1 *bonus points awarded for photos of and with said celebs*

Up early with the lark in the morning – cheers interflora by the way for the 4AM text to Russ’ phone. We set off for the bright lights of Vegas! Riches here we come!!!!

Goodbye Houston, hello Heathrow.

Well, we have come to the end of our adventures – for now.

After leaving Nottoway at the crack of dawn we  drove for a LONG time to get to Houston. Stopping only for a patriotic croissant.

imageAlso we noted and became fascinated by the breakfast buffet

image image Mmmm fried chicken for breakfast. And what I *think* is gravy.

Arriving at our hotel we were treated to champagne in our room – a lovely way to celebrate the end of our honeymoon and a welcome change from our previous night’s experience.


we had time to kill so went and shopped again  – Texas is BIG and Houston no exception. Also v v rich. Our hotel was like a beehive with rooms everywhere


Dinner that night was a proper cowboy steak HUGEimage And an equally massive and delicious cobblerimage

It was a lovely way to end what has been an incredible trip. We are fatter for sure. And loved every. Single. Second. Even the crazy ones.

see you soon!!

love K&R

California roadtrip, honeymoon, food and who knows what else…